Reasons Not to Write

  • It’s too late
  • It’s too early
  • I’m not an expert on anything
  • It’s scary
  • I don’t have anything to say
  • I have too much to say
  • What to say??
  • What if ______ reads it
  • It feels too exposed/vulnerable
  • It’s all been said
  • None of it’s been said
  • I do words all day, I’m tapped out
  • I can’t find my creativity
  • I’m not really a writer, anyway
  • This season of life centers on foundations, and that isn’t very exciting
  • Can I write and maintain our family’s privacy?
  • Uninspired and/or jaded
  • So many things started and left unfinished
  • I don’t know where I’m headed
  • Afraid of being boring/too much/overwrought/simplistic/yammering on/pointless
  • Where to begin?

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