morning, meetings

Our waking is slower. We don’t have to pull children out of bed, no arguments about getting up and dressed, chop chop. There are no backpacks to pack, no folders to check.

I still wake early most days (but not 5am early) to fit in a run/walk or yoga, one of the only times I can find some solitude (and oh boy do I need it). Patrick gets up to make coffee and get breakfast going, the kids come down when they’re ready, still in pajamas. They take time to read in bed or pet the cat or play with dolls.

We get showered, dressed, brush teeth before the video morning meetings start – 9am for kindergarten, 9:30am for 3rd grade, and at some point for the grownups. If we all happen to be “in meetings” at once our little isolated household could be virtually connected to nearly 50 people.

We pause for a morning snack – the kids have been getting their own, realizing that the more independently they handle snack time, the more likely we are to let them have things other than fruit and yogurt.

As soon as they finish school, they head outside. They play across the driveway from neighbors, bike at a safe distance, find ways to be together/apart.

For now, this is the churn of our new normal.


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