My current career revolves around appreciation and gratitude. I spend my days expressing appreciation on behalf of my organization through correspondence, events, actions, and interactions. I’m sure my mom can’t believe it, but I more or less get paid for writing/creating/acting out thank you notes of various forms.

So, last week, when thanking was all the rage, I started a list of things I’m thankful for in my own life. It’s not a bad thing to do.

Right now, I am grateful for

  • the privilege of being married to an amazing person, whom I love fiercely. He challenges me, makes me laugh, teaches me, and loves me steadfastly (even when I drive him nuts). I’m also grateful that he’s a really good hugger (the importance of good hugs to a successful relationship should be mentioned more often).
  • a loving family that I enjoy being around and isn’t terribly far away.
  • marrying into a family that welcomed me (years ago) with open arms.
  • Calvin and his adorably awkward sleeping positions
  • new episodes of The Office and 30 Rock, watching them without commercials
  • being employed in a job that, for the most part, keeps me interested and makes me feel like I’m doing some good
  • the decision and ability to purchase our dream camera as a wedding gift to ourselves.
  • Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
  • far away friends who send letters and call just because.
  • the fact that we all got to experience Tina Fey as Sarah Palin
  • nearby friends who are always up for a night out or a night in
  • good coffee and favorite mugs that fit in my hand just right
  • pajama pants and cozy socks after work
  • shelves overflowing with books
  • hot beverages on cold nights (and gingersnaps on the side)
  • a view of Mount Tom; living and working in a beautiful place
  • tasty burgers and homemade ice cream within walking distance
  • giggling uncontrollably on the couch after dinner
  • a car CD player that works and rediscovered mix CDs of years ago.
  • Trader Joes’ All Natural Peanut Butter (smooth, not crunchy)
  • my ‘winter’ playlist
  • NPR
  • the end of wedding planning (really. I’m so happy for our recently-engaged friends, and I loved our wedding, but I’m so very glad to be happily married and no longer planning a wedding! Like, I get giddy just thinking about the fact that we never have to plan another wedding.)
  • being able to talk to my sister during the day courtesy of Google chat (is that what it’s called?)
  • President-elect Barack Obama

I could go on and on and on (more than I already have)– what a lucky thing. I have a lot to be grateful for, which is worth remembering on the days when I moan about gray skies or the lack of a funds for a new wardrobe. It’s really a very blessed life.


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