A Pandora success story

When I have the office to myself, I hop over to Pandora and let it pick some music for me based on artists I know I like. Over and over again, Vienna Teng comes up, and over and over I’ve loved what I heard. Her piano playing draws me in, her strong and beautiful voice steals my attention away from work and into her lyrics.

When I saw her on the Iron Horse schedule, I made plans with Patrick to see the show. That’s where we were last night– snuggled in to the Iron Horse with a couple hundred other people, sipping a pint of Steel Rail, mesmerized by the way Vienna played the piano. She built her set list out of requests shouted out by audience members, she told a story about each song, she poked fun at the uneven balance of slow songs over upbeat. Sitting inside that history-laden building surrounded by mellow and sweet music was the perfect way to spend an early December night.

Pandora led me (for free) to Vienna Teng’s music. I spent money to see her live, and I will spend money to buy her albums. Artists who resist free access to their music should take note.

photo by Gordon Lai. It’s not from last night but she was wearing that shirt. I’ll update later with a photo I took at last night’s show, if any of them came out at all…


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