Ways to beat the bitter cold

  • Hot beverages. Hot chocolate and loose tea are my preferences, and I’m trying my best to stick to just one cup of coffee a day…

  • Filling the house with warm friends and food (our plan for tomorrow evening)
  • Listening to the right winter music. My current winter playlist includes stuff from Hem, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Allison Krause, Little Joy, Vienna Teng, Iron & Wine, The Weepies, The Winterpills, Nina Simone, The Kamikaze Hearts, and Carole King
  • Glowing light
  • Cooking and baking. Recent “sticks to the bones” meals we’ve made: baked ziti, chicken-pesto pizza, tacos, and we’re still chowing down on leftover New Years Eve veggie chili
  • Cozy slippers that make you smile
  • Remembering warmer days
  • Finding some beauty in the rawness
  • Cozy sweaters
  • Walks in the snow. We need to do more of this.
  • Projects

It’s currently 7 degrees out there with the windchill, and the gusts are harsh. How do you stay warm, cozy, and happy in the midst of this deep freeze? And if you’re in warmer climate… well, I’m sure you wish you had some bitter cold to battle, eh? No?


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  1. aww those slippers are so cute!!i love knitting, its making such a big come back!

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