Every mile is two in winter. -George Herbert

This past weekend brought, in a two shifts, seven visitors from five states. It brought the closest hitting (so far) very-bad-news-as-a-result-of-the-economy as a good friend lost her job when the magazine she worked for folded. It brought cheering-up, Valentine-making, secret missions, Tetris-playing, jolly-making, and reminiscing. We drank wine and tea, made Valentines, crocheted hats and scarfs, played Tetris, strolled in Northampton, ate pizza and blondies and noodles and bagels, and of course talked and talked, laughed and laughed.
We always question why we have these gatherings in cold places in the dead of winter– vowing that next time we’ll go to Jennie in Houston. It seems backwards, but I think there’s a reason we tend to gather in the darkest, coldest months. By late January, togetherness is what we need. Filling our home with the energy and laughter of our friends sustains us at the time when we all long for sunlight and green grass. As last weekend came to a close and we all had to say our goodbyes, those friends left me feeling happy and warm and full of light.


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