Cabin fever or spring fever or just a need for something new– whatever it is I’ve been mighty restless lately. In addition to letting out the occasional “argh!”, the antses in my pants have led me to:

  • Sign up for an art class. Starting in a couple weeks, Julia and I will be channeling our inner Van Goghs at Art Always. We’re taking an eight-week course in which we’ll have the chance to explore drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, fabric arts and who knows what else. Divine.

  • Write. I don’t know what’s been keeping me from this, but it’s time to just do it, no matter how crappy it is. This project was a good jump start.
  • Daydream about volunteer vacations. Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program looks amazing. Not to mention the hundreds listed on Charity Channel. Reforesting, building schools, organic farming, trail preservation– there are so many amazing opportunities out there. I’d love to do one of these with the husband.

  • Researching which bike to buy this spring. I am so done with my too-big, second-hand men’s mountain bike and I’ve been promising myself a new one for years. I’m currently drooling over this baby (the one in the photo above). I can’t wait to find out what it’s like to ride a bike that’s actually the right size for me. Here’s hoping there will be some extremely good spring sales on bicycles…

Along with the change in seasons, I’m hopeful that a little daydreaming and an injection of creativity will help me get over this fidgety feeling. If not, it may be time to think bigger.


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  1. Hey, did you happen to join Toasted Cheese today? 🙂

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