photos: recently

projects in progress
funfetti cupcake, for you

spring at the smith college bulb show, 3/21/09
selling girl scout cookies at the new england webcomics weekend

daffodils for a good cause


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3 responses to “photos: recently

  1. Meg

    So many of these things look familiar to me- hehehe the parade, the bulb show, and even had the same daffodils for a good cause…LOL yet I saw you at none of these places. Parallel Universe?

  2. Bee

    You are so crafty! I am jealous. I want a project to do!!Love you…Somebunny loves you in Kentucky…

  3. These photos were so attractive. I love the funfetti cupcake.. Looks so yummy huh and those Girl Scout cookies were so cute. Love to buy one.

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