Little projects

I have a number of friends expecting babies this winter and spring, which seems like a perfect reason to dive back into some crochet projects. Conveniently, baby projects also tend to be small, and small/quick projects will be the key to me finishing anything this autumn and winter!

I have a Webs gift card (courtesy of Meg and Steve) burning a hole in my pocket- this might be the perfect excuse to buy a new crochet book.

(How adorable are these booties? I think I could handle making a few pairs of these for the little ones!)



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2 responses to “Little projects

  1. michele patton

    My Little one would love those! haha!!

  2. I will totally pay you to make me some for my soon-to-be little niece/nephew (brother and his wife are pregnant but don't know/aren't finding out the gender!)

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