Moving forward

Last month, we spent our first wedding anniversary having our potential new home inspected.

Yep, we’re in the process of buying a house! It’s thrilling and terrifying and exciting and stressful and eeee!

The house (not quite ours yet, but close) is in Albany. While we absolutely love the Pioneer Valley and our friends here, our grand plan was always to settle in our hometown. We’ll be within a few miles of both sets of parents, and we’ll be able to give back to a city that is near and dear to our hearts (and maybe we’ll get to attend some of those famous All Over Albany events!).

This is something we’ve dreamed about and worked towards for a long time- it’s surreal to be in the midst of it. The next month promises to be bonkers, with packing and goodbyes and moving and painting and leaving my job and starting a new one. Stay tuned for more…

“Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.” ~D. Schwartz


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