Things I’ll Miss about the Valley

  • The mountains. Small but pretty, different every day, visible almost anywhere you go– including from our apartment. I’ll miss hiking and driving up these mountains, and watching them change with the seasons.
  • The restaurants. India House. Sierra Grill. Amy’s Place. Apollo. Sunrise. Mount Tom’s ice cream. I could go on and on.
  • And on the topic of food: Trader Joe’s. It’s going to be so very hard to adjust to living far from TJs.
  • The bike trails, oh the bike trails.
  • The laid back, work to live, happy vibes.
  • My Girl Scout troop.
  • Walking to work through charming Easthampton.
  • Berkshire Brewing Company’s Steel Rail extra pale ale.
  • Working on a beautiful campus in a beautiful building with great people.
  • Our CSA farmshare, in which the farm was a 1/2 mile from our house, and picking up our share involved a weekly trip to the farm, picking flowers and herbs and raspberries, and seeing nearly everyone we know.
  • The running trails along the Mill River, through the woods, past farmland and community gardens. My running buddy.
  • Webs! (Although after packing up my yarn stash, it’s clear I need to stay away from any yarn stores for a long, long while.)
  • Strolling Main St., Northampton
  • The potlucks
  • Trivia, and the Plunder Cats
  • Above all else (even above Trader Joe’s), I’ll miss the friends we’ve made here. We are so, so lucky to have found such great people here. I mean really, awesome people. I have faith that our friendships will endure the little bit of distance, that we’ll talk often and see each other regularly. But it’s hard leave these people that I love so much.

(I reserve the right to add to this list as more comes up, which it will.)


  • The RMVs, which are generally pleasant, and a “long wait” is 15 minutes. And people still complain! They have no idea. I’m not ready to re-experience the Albany DMV hell.

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