Be Afraid

In the year leading up to our wedding, all of the emails and ads that came my way from the wedding industry seemed to be about how if I didn’t spend money on this or this, my wedding wouldn’t be the best day of my life. Worry! Or about how perfect I had to look. Stress! Or how much it should look like a magazine wedding. Or how far behind I was on the 600-item To Do list a website had created for me. Stress more!

In the months leading up to the birth of our baby, the emails and ads have either been about the millions of dangers to me and my baby lurking around every corner or about how awful everything is/will be. Topics of recent emails from baby industry websites include:

  • 21 Pregnancy Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • Puffy Eyes
  • Swelling and Edema
  • Too Much Exercise
  • Your Aching Back
  • Not Gaining Enough Weight
  • Exercises to Avoid
  • Gaining Too Much
  • Getting Enough Exercise
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Exercise Don’ts

The message is clear: Experiencing a Big Life Moment? BE AFRAID OF EVERYTHING – what you’re doing, what you’re not doing, what will happen if you spend too much, what will happen if you don’t spend enough, EVERYTHING. If you’re not AFRAID, then at least be STRESSED.


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  1. Bee

    I miss you! So glad to see you are trying the blog thing again. I have picked it up again more regularly since applying to grad school-present. I find it to be a nice release. Have you heard of any cool concerts coming up? maybe we could connect?

    XOXO hugs

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