A Project a Week

I am surrounded by to do lists.
Half finished projects.
Stalled inspiration.
Good intentions.

I’m tired of not crossing things off the list. It’s easy to feel daunted, tired, busy, too consumed by the day to day.

One of the things on my list happens to be “Return to writing that is unrelated to work. Blog again? Something.”

So I’m starting a new project, with the goal of completing more projects. It’s a project project! And in the process I’ll accomplish the return to writing in a public place, unrelated to my day job.

A Project a Week is my new blog endeavor, to be documented right here on It’s Loverly.

The plan is to introduce a doable project each week, ranging from hemming curtains to planning and planting my vegetable garden to organizing photos – those projects that tend to just sit on my to-do list. I’ll document the project, share photos, and generally use the Project Project as a means to get things done.

Interesting for anyone else? We’ll see. Here goes!

First up: Planning and planting this year’s raised bed veggie garden. Stay tuned.


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