kitchen plans

We moved into this house three years ago this weekend. It marked a return to Albany after three and a half years in Massachusetts, a kind of “settling down,” and a rude awakening into the world of home ownership.

Making this place our own has been a mix of fun improvements and unexpected (often expensive) repairs – which, I’m guessing, is the way it is for anyone who buys a not-new house.

This afternoon, Evy hung with her grandparents while we went to Lowe’s to begin talking a little more seriously about kitchen renovations- part of our plan for this house since the first time we saw it. We sat down with Art in the cabinet department to dream up ways to add cabinets and counter space and blow loads of imaginary money.

We changed the placement of appliances, added cabinets along the corner and back wall, saw 3D renderings and the bird’s-eye-view, and imagined how it would feel to stand in our new kitchen. We opened and closed cabinets in several mock kitchens and looked at an overwhelming assortment of cabinet options.

After all that, it was somewhat disappointing to come home to find our kitchen exactly as we’d left it.


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