library time

I’ve been rediscovering our public libraries since having a kid.  We’ve made the rounds trying out different storytimes, checked out the various children’s rooms, and learned about cool reading programs (free books for reading every day!).

Today we went to storytime at the Albany Public Library’s main branch. Silly songs, giant books, new buddies – it was a blast. 
The first time we went to the main branch’s program I felt so silly for 1.) not knowing there was off street parking and 2.) having never visited floors other than the first floor. 
The Children’s Room is great, the librarians are sweet, and there’s a lot of programming. We always see some little buddies that we know from the local toddler circle. The crowd is, of course, far more diverse than you’ll find at any of the suburban libraries.  I count that as a very good thing. 
We also love our neighborhood branch – it’s so nice to be able to walk over, pick out some books and DVDs, check out the garden, and play with some toys before strolling back home. Not to mention the convenience of returns – in theory, it should save us from some late fines. In theory.
Evy loves the little chairs and reading spots at the library. After our visit today I found her trying to create her own little comfy spots in the living room. I am already dreaming up some ways to create a reading nook for her, full of pillows and blankets and coziness.
We’ll be hanging at the library a lot this winter – meeting friends, reading new books, making a mess of the toys, and discovering every cozy nook.

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  1. Great picture- I can't believe how big she is from the last time we saw her! She looks like a little girl now instead of a baby. I remember that switch with our nephew- it happens so fast.

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