lost time

I’m feeling low on energy tonight.

I had a beautiful holiday Monday with Evy. We had time outside to soak up this bonus warm day, time with my parents, time doing some necessary errands, time making music, and time to read and play. And plenty of snuggles and kisses. AND a 2+ hour nap for one of us (not me) while the other of us (me) was able to prep dinner. I’m so grateful for days like today.

But days like today (ok, days like every day, really) leave me drained in the evening, trying to keep my eyes open do some ‘me’ things in the hour or so between clean-up/next day prep and my own bedtime.

I end up losing a lot of this evening time to checking email/Facebook/Google Reader/Twitter/Pinterest/blah blah blah. I need some of that – some time to tune out. The problem is (and I know so many of us have this problem) that what feels like 10 minutes online can suddenly be an hour… or two. And what was accomplished? Usually not much. It all adds to my feeling of not reaching personal goals, even goals as simple as writing more, or finishing a crochet project, or reading before bed.

Being tied to NaBloPoMo has helped keep me on track with blogging.

Otherwise, I just need to be more diligent about cutting myself off after 30 minutes online. Eyes off the screen, hands on an actual project. Man, it’s hard. Maybe I should start that ‘project a week’ thing again, eh?

And with that, my eyes are closing…


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