a wedding toast

It is 10:00 p.m. After a great weekend with our friends in Northampton, I spent the evening doing some cooking — butternut squash soup and roasted pumpkin with the last of our farmshare veggies. We gave Evy dinner, dealt with another extended bedtime routine, cleaned up the kitchen, did laundry, packed lunch and gear for daycare tomorrow– and then I realized I have to bring something for a work potluck tomorrow.

So, tonight’s post is something of a copout. I’m going to post the toast I gave at my sister’s wedding — tomorrow is Katie and Dean’s one month anniversary.

Their wedding was full of fun and love. It was a fantastic day of celebration. It poured rain from morning until night, but we were warm with happiness for the newlyweds.

Katie and Dean!

I love you both very much and I am thrilled to be celebrating the start of your marriage today. Thank you for sharing today with all of us. 

For those of you I haven’t met yet, I’m Nicole- Katie’s big sister.

Katie and I grew up creating our own worlds. On any given rainy afternoon, our basement playroom became a school, an RV park for Barbie and Ken, a hotel, a grocery store, or – the favorite game of all little girls who grew up in the 80s- an orphanage (don’t worry, mom and dad, we weren’t dreaming of being orphans- we were dreaming of running the orphanage). 

Sometimes these games would bring on arguments, usually over who got to be the teacher that day, who would be the adoptive parent to the best-dressed doll, who got to use the cash register, or which one of us would be stuck with the ugly Barbie. We fought as only sisters can fight: with the words ‘no fair!’, occasionally with fingernails, and almost always with laughs in the end. 

Katie has always been the one person in the world that can make me laugh, no matter how mad or sad or upset I am. I’m so lucky that I’ve had Katie and her sunny outlook with me throughout most of my life. My sister has an incredible ability to find the humor and joy in every situation, and to share it with those around her. She can make me laugh to the point of tears no matter how hard I try to keep a straight face. Dean, if you haven’t experienced this yet, you will.

Katie showed me how to make those worlds we created joyful- even when that world was an orphanage housing nine dolls and a Pound Puppy.

As I’ve watched Katie and Dean grow their relationship, I’ve seen Katie’s joy blossom even more fully and I’ve watched her bring that big smile to Dean’s face during good times and bad. 

And since Dean and Katie have come together, I’ve seen Katie happier and sillier than ever. As a big sister, this is all I could hope for for my little sister: for her to find lifelong love with a truly kind, giving, person.  And it comes in handy that he can reach the high shelves that most people in our family need to climb on a chair for. 

Dean and Katie, I’m so excited for you to create your own world of joy and laughter as you begin your marriage. I’m excited for our families to come together and share in your happiness and I know that your ability to find joy together will bring you comfort, even in the tough moments. You have found the love that everyone seeks.

Please join me in raising a glass to Katie and Dean and the joy that they’ve found together.


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