What can I say about what happened in Newtown last week? Everything written about it begins the same way – there are no words. And there aren’t.

The deaths of those children and their teachers has hit me hard, as it has so many of us. I feel shaken to my core, scared and angry and prayerful and grateful and, often, tearful.

I didn’t know what to do or how to respond other than giving hug after hug and kiss after kiss to my daughter.

I don’t usually jump on the bandwagon of the #hashtag trends. But Ann Curry’s #26actsofkindness has been inspiring.  No, it isn’t the gun control we need. And maybe it’s a bit self-aggrandizing to publish one’s own acts of kindness.  But people are being kind to each other, to strangers, in ways they may not have otherwise.  Out of a great horror, kindness is being born.  I want in.  (Plus, I really like Ann Curry. We need more people like her in the media.)

I was reading through some of the acts of kindness — meals being bought, gift cards given, flowers delivered– and feeling like I didn’t have much extra money to spend right now. And then I happened to come upon a little bit of unexpected funds. Which seems like a sign.

So, count me in.

I’m making it #28actsofkindness.

I don’t know if I’ll share what my acts are, or if I’ll just do them.

Just planning out a few makes me feel better. Less fearful. Less sad. More hopeful.


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