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Happy birthdays

This weekend brings the birthdays of two of my best friends. For the past seven years, we’ve celebrated our birthdays together with some other friends in late February or early/mid March. This year, because one of us just started a new job and another is in an intense nursing program (not to mention working at a health clinic in Haiti at the moment), we’re putting off the annual Birthday Weekend celebration until the summer. Our past Birthday Weekends have involved walking around various northeast cities (and forests) shivering and doing our best to stay warm with laughter and lots of eating. While I always love the winter celebrations, I’m looking forward to a Birthday Weekend in the sun this year! I’m hoping it involves a dock, summery beverages, swimming, and the traditional heaps of food.

I’ll be thinking of you two lovely women this weekend, as well as the rest of you who have been a part of our celebrations. Here’s to another grand year of adventures, stories, lessons, celebrations, and laughter. xoxo.


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