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A link floated by early this morning and led me into the world of old blogs- my own abandoned writing, and that of friends and former friends– the stuff that seems to stick around on these here Internets. Reading just a few paragraphs was enough to remind me of just how different Now is from Then. It brought a wave of gratitude for the love and support in my life these days. The people we surround ourselves with make such an impact on the way we feel about life- I’m thankful to have so many fun, positive, caring people around me. I spent a couple years letting the wrong type of energy in- energy that made me feel insecure, anxious, and cut down. I have the ultimate control over how I feel, but part of that control is in who gets let in. I see that now, and I’m glad for the lessons that kept me moving towards the kind of energy that makes me feel empowered, happy, and loved. It’s the kind I hope to create for others, energy that creates good.

My early-to-mid-20s were a time of growth and transition, of mistakes, of asking forgiveness and forgiving, of figuring out what I wanted and what I didn’t. They were an important time, and there was plenty of fun among the tougher things, but I wouldn’t want to go back. I’ve held on to the parts of those days that are worth keeping, and left the rest back there. In these late-20s I feel more confident, more grounded, more aware of where I want to go, what I want out of this life, and how I want to make those things happen.

I don’t mind looking back and reflecting once in a while, but mostly I like this time and place right here.

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