We did not get snow (sad), or ice (good) like our neighbors to the north, east, and west. The Valley seems to have sheltered us this time around, and we’re just left with a lot of slush and mud. I’m glad we have power and clean roads, but I can’t believe we haven’t gotten any real snow yet. Update: Check out Ice Cream Diaries for some photos of the weather today in the rest of New England vs. the Pioneer Valley. (I’m on my way to stop in to Mt. Tom’s for some eggnog ice cream to bring home. And I probably won’t be able to resist the gingerbread or the Festivus ice cream, either.)

This weekend is the only one between Thanksgiving and Christmas that we’ll spend at home. All the others have us driving to Albany for one thing or another. So far we’ve made plans to clean (desperately needed), bake (really want to), and shop (no other time to do it!). I’m also hoping to fit in some couch time and some crochet time. Did I mention the photo books I have to finish? Oh, and tomorrow is ArtWalk Easthampton. And Winterfest at Eastworks.

Weekends really need to be longer than two days.

p.s. Some new posts on the ole wedding blog. I received a few very sweet comments this week so I figured I’d finish writing about a couple things before fully moving away from Prom to Altar.


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