It sounds like things continue to be rough in the Albany area, which was slammed with an ice storm Thursday night in to Friday morning. My parents are on day three with out power, and they’ve been told it won’t be restored until Wednesday. There are lots of trees down around the house– Dad spent the day today sawing limbs and trying to heat the house with the fireplace to prevent frozen pipes. They’re staying with my aunt and uncle a few towns away until the electricity at their house comes back on.

Part of me is a little sad to miss the excitement, although I know it’s not all fun and pioneer games. From what I’ve heard, many suburbs are experiencing a sense of community this weekend that they’ve maybe never had before. My mom spoke to more neighbors today than she has in the 12 years they’ve lived there. It’s one of those ‘good coming from bad’ situations– and Ice Storm ’08 is sure to become the stuff of legends! I’m glad to be warm and ice-free in Western Mass, but I can’t help but feel a little bit jealous when my parents share their tales of survival! (I can’t help it– I grew up reading The Boxcar Children and Little House on the Prairie!)

Meanwhile, we spent the weekend here getting into the Christmas spirit. Last night was Art Walk, dinner with friends, and a viewing of that holiday classic, Christmas Vacation. Today we baked loads of cookies and put up our Christmas tree (the first tree we’ve had since 2005– our last apartment didn’t allow real trees. Boo). It’s just so nice to spend time in our own home.

(Photo by Patrick of our newly-hung lights. And that little guy isn’t our actual tree– just the little place holder.)


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