Bonus wedding video

We recently received a few little video snippets from our wedding, courtesy of our wonderful photographers. We didn’t hire a videographer, so seeing these little bits as they trickle in is a lot of fun. I’ve posted a handful of the videos on Flickr. You can see them here.

This video is me dancing with my dad. My dad picked the song we danced to, and didn’t tell me what it was beforehand (I had no idea until the moment it came on as we walked on to the dance floor). He chose “You are my Sunshine” (the Sara Gazarek version), which was the song he sang to me the day I was born- and has been singing to me ever since. I was surprised when the initial song came on, and then surprised again when the song faded into “My Girl”. It was very sweet, despite my lack of coordination– I’m glad I had these moments with my Daddy-o on such a whirlwind day (and his choice of songs was perfect).


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