May all your Christmases be bright

under the tree
Originally uploaded by nicolemperle

11:11 PM Christmas night, sitting around the living room with Dad, sister, and husband. Fire is roaring, opened presents strewn around the tree, cookies and chocolates out on the coffee table.

It’s been a good day. Hard at times– the first Christmas without my grandmother and Patrick’s grandmother. I think we all found ourselves in moments where we just really missed them. We muddled through those moments and enjoyed the togetherness (and a darn cute toddler to keep us all entertained). Lots of laughing, plenty of eating, all around warm and relaxed.

Our first married Christmas meant spending the whole holiday together- no more splitting up between houses or separate Christmas mornings. It meant two stockings for each of us (one at each house), and a new level of belonging. My favorite part was experiencing it all together.

Merry Christmas.


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