we’ll take a cup of kindness yet

We’re just about to dash out the door with a Crock Pot full of vegetarian chili, a basket of corn muffins, and a case of beer, on our way to our friends’ place for a New Years Eve celebration. The plan tonight is to hunker down against the blustery blizzard outside, eat hardy food, and let the good times flow.
This will be our 11th New Years Eve together, and we’ve spent every one with our friends. The groups have changed, but our style of ringing in the new year usually involves someone’s living room, potluck-style eating, and a lot of laughing. I’m happy to keep up the tradition.

I sat down a few times today to reflect on 2008, and every time I tried to write something down it didn’t come out right. 2008 was full of more ups and downs than any other year of my life, and it’s hard to write about that without sounding gushy or trite or melodramatic.

So, 2008, we part bittersweetly. 2009, you are a great mystery, but we’ve got plenty of hopes and ideas to get you started.

Happy new year, friends!

*photo: New Years 2006, our self portrait.


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