Winter break

It was, in fact, loverly. Back to work today, refreshed, renewed, and ready.

Some photos from the past two weeks. Descriptions and more photos on my Flickr feed.


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3 responses to “Winter break

  1. Thanks for the comment! Your holiday pictures look so relaxing!

  2. Amy

    Hi! I was wondering what kind of stitch you’re using in the second-to-last photo. I crochet but I’m notoriously bad at recognizing what’s what…I hope the ‘refreshed’ feeling lasts a good long while 🙂

  3. Amy– it’s just single crochet, nothing fancy! I took a crochet class a while back and learned all sorts of stitches, however after not crocheting for nearly a year I’m very slowly immersing myself back in it, mostly with the simplest of patterns!

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