Tomorrow, I’m returning to yoga after oh, you know, four months away. I’ve found a nearby studio that offers vinyasa/flow, my preferred practice, at the perfect after-work time. The nearby part is key– there are plenty of studios in the Pioneer Valley, and I was loving the power yoga classes at the Northampton Y, but it’s just not going to work if I have to drive 20 minutes out of my way. Silly, but I know me. The cost of the closest place has been keeping me away, but I realized that my health insurance will reimburse me for a chunk, so it’s time.

The real motivating factor: when I put on my go-to black work pants this morning they were snug all over. No surprise there, my diet has consisted of cookies and pie and eggnog for the past six weeks. But really, enough already.

*photo from Flickr user Rodrigo Quiñones’


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