A Project a Week:: Week 2: Hemming Curtains

Week: 2 
Project: Hem bedroom curtains

Does everyone have these little projects that hang around, undone, for ages? Or is it just us?

Background: A few weeks before Evelyn was born last year, we did a mini-makeover of our bedroom: moved all the furniture out, scrubbed the floors and walls, purchased a new mattress and bedframe (our first actual headboard/footboard set up), put up shelves, photos and artwork that we’d wanted to hang since we moved in, organized nightstands and dressers, and hung new curtains. Except the curtains were too long, and we meant to hem them, but Evy was born a week later and, well, those curtains are still dragging on the floor in front of the baseboard heaters. (By the way, I highly suggest the master bedroom spiff-up as a pre-baby project for expectant parents. There’s so much focus on the baby’s room but, at least in our case, the baby spent more time in our room than hers for the first 6+ months. I spent a lot of time there with her in the early weeks and I was so thankful that we’d gotten it in order before she arrived.)

The Plan: There’s not much to it- this week, I will hem those curtains. Not the most exciting project, but it will be crazy satisfying to cross this one off the list.

It is beyond silly that this project has needed doing for over a year, but it is what it is, and this week it’s time to get ‘er done — which is, of course, the entire point of this Project Project.


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One response to “A Project a Week:: Week 2: Hemming Curtains

  1. Lol- no you are definitely not the only one with a huge list like this. We had curtains hemmed that just needed to be hung back up and that took months to happen. (And we didn't have the very good excuse of having a baby to explain why it didn't get done).
    : )

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