Summer came and then went, and it was the best. As a family we focused on experiencing that sunny sunny summer. Kiddie pool in the backyard. A week and weekends at the lake. A week at the beach. Bike rides. Playgrounds. Swimming in the big pool at the J. A wee vegetable garden. Flowers. Walks around the neighborhood. Cookouts. A backyard swing. Time with family and friends. Watching our toddler go from walking to running, from observing the world to fully immersing herself in it, from baby to little girl.

Not many projects were completed. The one large project we started (the back porch) is still in progress. Other outdoor projects that we began in the spring (a fence, landscaping, gardens) are still waiting to be done. As we creep up on the third anniversary of moving into our house the list of indoor projects we want to do continues to grow. Getting them done is harder these days- it’s tough to put anything else before time with our kid.

The fall has brought a busier schedule and adjustments: I’m working more than I have since E was born, although I am lucky that I’ve been able to hang on to a four-day work week. At the end of September we traveled to visit dear friends in North Carolina. My sister’s wedding is this week (!) so the exciting preparations for that have been underway for many months. Next week marks the beginning of a quieter and cozier time for us.

All this to say, I’ll be slowly making my way back to the land of writing on the internets, continuing to seek out the best way to do that. And hopefully bringing back the Project a Week series. There are rooms to organize, recipes to master, and there is the looming winter inviting us to hunker down.


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