be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Last night, my 19-month-old daughter spiked a fever. At 1:00 am my husband and I were both up with her, taking turns snuggling, reading books, and applying a cool washcloth to her forehead. I worried about the way she was shaking and shivering- probably due to fever-related chills, but as a first-time mom these things throw my worry into overdrive.

As the ibuprofen kicked in and her fever came down, she started to get talkative and, well, demanding. First it was asking for hugs from all of the stuffed animals on the shelf: “Bear- hug! Mama- bear, hug! Dada – bear, hug!” the on to “Eh-phant- hug! Eh-phant- Dada hug!” and so on.

In the middle of all the hugging, she caught sight of the ribbon displaying her barrettes and bows and three Hawaiian flower clips brought back from one of Grandma and Vou’s trips. “Evy- fower?” – She started out asking to wear a flower in her hair. And then: “Mama, fower?” I obliged- a flower in my hair at 1 am, mismatched to my bleary eyes, wild bedhead, and comfy-but-not-pretty pajamas. Lastly, of course, “Dada, fower?”

And so, there we were- the three of us, at 1am on Thursday morning, fighting a fever, with Hawaiian flowers in our hair. I have so much to learn from this girl.



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3 responses to “be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

  1. All of these posts make me feel feelings. So cut it out. 😉

  2. More photos. Miss you all.

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