gratitude- part 3 of 3

Thirty Things I’m Thankful For – part 2 of 3

  1. Today – dinner with not one but two wonderful, fun, and crazy families. A family walk outside on a crisp and sunny day, watching loved ones dote on Evy, being inside houses bursting with loved ones, catching up, sharing abundant meals, and getting down with toddler-led dance parties – it was a wonderful day.
  2. Tomorrow – another family day of home improvements, snuggles on the couch, walks, and maybe – just maybe – venturing out in public.
  3. Health – mine and my family’s. Things can change so quickly. I’m thankful that we are all able to fully enjoy each day as it comes. 
  4. Carmex and Crabtree & Evelyn lotion for dry dry winter lips and skin.
  5. Wine and beer!
  6. Evy’s laugh. Evy’s hugs. Evy’s kisses. Evy’s songs. I could go on. Obviously.
  7. The opportunity to watch my friends find love, grow families, and create happiness.
  8. The internet for helping me stay connected with faraway friends, reconnecting me with old friends, introducing me to new friends, giving me a place to write, blogs that support/entertain/inform/are ridiculous, providing a way to share photos and stories between friends and family, and giving us all the gift that is 
  9. Family – today made me especially grateful for the family I was born into and the family I married into. I feel undeservingly lucky to be surrounded by their love and warmth. Watching our child beam (and dance) amid that love is a dream I’ve had for a long time. 
  10. All of it. I am full up with gratitude for this life. Thank you, universe. 

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