hibernation vacation

I feel a little guilty that we haven’t done anything very exciting with this four-day weekend. With some house projects in the works along with the cleaning/organizing that’s always on the to-do list, we stayed close to home yesterday and today. Many of our usual playmates were busy with their own holiday weekend travel and events, so most of the time it was just us three.

Sunday morning, making apple pancakes.

Maybe Evy would have had more fun if we were out and about more. Or maybe she doesn’t mind some time at home. For her, these days have been full of playing with her toys, reading her books, helping me cook, snuggling with dad, napping in her crib, coloring, playing in the yard, rediscovering her pile of stuffed animals, watching snow flakes fall outside the window, dance parties, eating apple pancakes, and spending hours in her jammies. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have any complaints, aside from the fact that we won’t allow her to climb and jump on every surface in the house. I hope the wild dance parties have made up for any lack of couch bouncing or chair climbing.


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