drivetime downers

I am a big NPR/public radio fan. (Are you? You’ve made sure to watch Sh*t Public Radio Listeners Say, right?) So of course I have our local public radio station, WAMC, as the default on my car radio and listen for the 12 minute drive to and from work every day. Those 24 minutes are among the only time I’m listening to something other than our tolerable-but-still-kid-music Music Together CDs.

My commute apparently coincides with the time frame when the latest installment in that month’s important but very depressing and/or gruesome series is aired. First it was the series on human tissue donation. It’s a very important topic, needs to be known, but oh my word, the descriptions of tissue harvesting were too much at 8:20 in the morning. And 4:45 in the evening. Somehow the timing worked out so that every day for a week all I heard on the radio was the tissue donation stories (or, not really, because as soon as the descriptions of cutting ligaments started I changed the station).

And then last month it was the stories on polio. Again, important, should be told, of course. But somehow my commute worked out so that every morning and evening I heard a story about polio in Africa. It made for a tough start and end to the work day.

I’m a total snooty jerk for complaining about the timing of NPR stories on my drive to a job, I know. But look! I wrote something here!

So what’s in store for my commutes this holiday season, NPR?


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