go mighty

Maggie Mason, aka Mighty Girl, aka one of my web heroes (I was pretty psyched to meet her at SXSW in 2006) has demonstrated again and again how the internet can be used to inspire, achieve dreams, and bring together like-minded people for good. See: Mighty Life Lists, Camp Mighty, and Mighty Closet for proof. 
She recently launched Go Mighty, a social site for working on your own life list. Based on her Mighty Life List project, the site is a platform to document your own life list, from progress made toward a goal, to funding a goal, to photos and stories about achieving the goal. I got an account when the site first launched, but I just started filling in my list tonight. It’s made me realize that I need to spend more time thinking about my life list. Which is, I think, a good deal of the point.
A lot of shady stuff happens online, sure. But a lot of good goes on, too. 
Is anyone else on Go Mighty? Find me!
Just jumpin’ around, being mighty.


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