Here we are. November 30. I didn’t get a perfect 30/30 on my National Blog Post Month project, but 28/30 isn’t bad.

This wasn’t easy, and it certainly didn’t bring about 28 beautiful posts. But it got me here, writing, and it helped me begin to figure out what my approach should be. I hope to stick around, but I’m glad to give up the every day posting for now.

What next? NaBloPoMo, despite it’s terrible name, has pushed me to maintain this blog. Unfortunately spewing out a post every day has consumed time when I should be doing other things, like talking to my husband and working on Christmas gifts.  Every day is too much, but never is too little.  So, blog, let’s make a deal. I’ll see you 2-3 times a week from now on, ok? Cool.

Thank you to Heather for sparking my participation in NaBloPoMo


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